TransformPro is an editor extension for Unity which expands on the basic positioning capabilities provided out of the box.

It provides a fully featured position and rotation grid system, making constructing scenes with primitives and modular components quick and easy. A set of buttons allow you to move and rotate objects in line with the grid in a single click, and with a shift click you can clone and reposition the current object in a single click, retaining the same parent.

The extension allows you to work in local and world space numerically, and all tools respect the space chosen - for example copying and pasting the position in local space will transfer the offset from the parent, wheras in world space it will move the source to the target directly.

Tools are provided for copying and pasting position, rotation and scale data between transforms. Unrelated objects can now be aligned with two clicks.

Objects can be moved or aligned to the mesh beneath them with the grounding system. Any collider present will be used to accurately position the object, and if no collider is present the mesh data will be used instead.

TransformPro - Expanded View


Coming Soon

Advanced Spaces

Work in screen space, using another objects frame of reference, or in a dynamic space relative to another object.

Auto Snap

Automatically snap objects to the grid, without causing problems. The last bit is an important distinction!

Size & Scale

Provides tools for working with worldspace scales, and working with unit sizes directly.